Chocolate roses

Chocolate roses – realistic and fully edible! The detailed step-by-step master class with photos! The recipe for the perfect chocolate for flowers!

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Chocolate flowers are a luxurious cake decor. They are made without the use of inedible elements, such as wires, stamens, ribbons, etc. Unlike sugar paste, chocolate petals do not need drying, so you can assemble the flower faster. Chocolate does not melt on damp creams and does not become deformed. With due diligence, you will make flowers that will look like live on the cake! But edible and tasty!

What will you find in this lesson?

  1. 100% working recipe and detailed technology for making home plastic chocolate.
  2. Features of working with plastic chocolate and lifehacks.
  3. The detailed technology for assembling the rose, as well as buds and leaves which will be useful for creating a composition on the cake.
  4. Tips for decorating the cake with flowers from plastic chocolate.
  5. Secrets of working with color: how to paint flowers and leaves for greater realism.
  6. Features of storing chocolate mass and finished flowers from it.

To all concerned – welcome to my kitchen!

And the first thing we make with you is an auxiliary product… ...edible glue!Edible, harmless, without taste and smell. Many masters use melted cocoa

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